Bookmark Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

The Bookmarks Dialog uses the Bookmark Dialog to view and edit bookmarks. The dialog is activated by pressing the dialog's Edit button or double clicking the left mouse button on a row in the table control.

Dialog Controls

The Data dialog provides controls for entering the bookmark's name, specifying its type, and adding comments.

Name Control: enables you to enter the bookmark's name which must be the name of a document or an entity, e.g., a chemical, mixture, technique, selection, etc.
Type Control: enables you to select the type associated with the bookmark. A bookmark's type is limited to a document or an entity type. See below for additional documentation.
Browse Button: if the selected type is 'Document' then pressing this button activates the Find File dialog. This dialog enables you to select a file to be assigned as the bookmark's name. See below for additional documentation.
Library Button: pressing this button replaces any matching prefix in the Name entry with its associated library entry. See documentation on the Libraries Section for more documentation on using libraries.
Comments: information providing additional details about the entered parameter.
Date, Phrase, Set Buttons: the Date button inserts the current date and time into the Comments control. The Phrase button inserts the default phrase into the Comments control. The Set button activates the Set Phrase dialog that enables you to change the default comment phrase. (See the documentation on the Set Phrase dialog for details.)
Bookmark Types

A bookmark's type indicates where the bookmarked item can be found. If the bookmark's type is 'Document' then the application will search for the bookmarked item in the computer's file system or on the internet. If the bookmark's type is an entity type, e.g., Chemical, Mixture, Report, then the application will change to that entity's corresponding chapter and change to the page corresponding to the bookmark's name.

For example, if the bookmark's name is '1-Octanol' and its type is 'Chemical', then when the bookmark is used for navigation it will first change to the current document's Chemicals chapter and then turn to the page displaying 1-Octanol's physical property values.

If the application cannot find the bookmarked chapter or entity, it will signal with an audible beep.

Bookmarking Documents

In addition to entity types, a bookmark may contain the name of a document. This document can be a file or a webpage. Cranium and Synapse will open the document using the appropriate application, e.g., it will open a '.txt' using the currently selected text editor.

Pressing the dialog's Library button will replace any matching prefix with the library name. For example, pressing the Library button would use the following library location

to change the previous document name to

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