Bookmark Document
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

Bookmarks are a simple yet very powerful tool for organizing the work you do with Cranium and Synapse. A Bookmark is simply a list of entities. For example:

  • a list of fragrance chemicals whose vapor pressures must be estimated
  • a list of estimation techniques that must be further evaluated
  • a list of green solvents to be used used in a mixture design
Example Uses
  • The Groups Chapter enables you to identify chemicals containing a specific substructure. For example, if you are investigating lactones, you can search for all chemicals containing the "-CO-O- (ss)" and store it in a bookmark set. You can then use the bookmark navigation controls to view the pages containing lactones.
  • You can create a bookmark set containing solvent you commonly use. You could then used this bookmark set to add these common solvents to a mixture design.
  • If you are working on a project in which you are adding data, regressing parameters and evaluating estimation techniques, you can create a bookmark set that contains all the relevant documents for quick access.

See documentation on Using Bookmarks for details and additional examples.

Document Chapters

A Bookmarks document stores bookmark sets and references. The document contains three chapters. Each of these chapters can be accessed by clicking on its corresponding tab in the document's Tab Pane.

Chapter Description
Summary Chapter manages title, descriptions and other information about the Bookmark document
Bookmarks Chapter manages the list of entities that forms a bookmark
References Chapter manages the details of references used through the document
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