Calculation Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

The Calculation dialog is useful tool for performing quick calculations whose results can be copied and pasted throughout Cranium and Synapse.

Control in which math expressions are entered.
Pressing the Recent button displays a list of all recently calculated expressions. Selecting an expression from this list will copy and paste it into the expression control.
List of known mathmatical functions. Clicking the left mouse button on an function will display its documentation in the control to the right.
Displays the selected function's documentation.
Displays the result of the calculation.
Copies the result to the clipboard.
Example: Using the Calculation Dialog

The Calculation dialog can be activated by executing the Calculator command from the Help menu or by pressing the ctrl-shift-c keyboard shortcut.

  1. Select the Calculator command from Help menu. The application displays the Calculation dialog.
  2. Enter the following expression into the Expression control and press the dialog's Calculate button. The result of the expression will be displayed in the Result control.
    Expression Result
    1.234 + 12.34 * ln(300.0) 71.6187
    10^(4.1033 - 1495.51 / (298.15 - 63.598)) 0.0053367
    123.1 + 12.31 * 40.0 + 1.231 * 40.0 ** 2.0 2585.1
    1439.94 + 2.4682 * 300.0 - 0.010952 * 300.0 ^ 2.0 1194.72
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