Estimate-Units-Technique Details Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

The Estimate-Units-Technique Details Dialog is used by many field's to display details about physical property estimates. For example, the three fields in the Phase Transition Enthalpies Section all use the dialog to display details about their estimated values.

The dialog is activated by clicking the left mouse button on a field's estimate control.
The dialog can also be activated by clicking the right mouse button on a field's estimate control and selecting the Detail Estimate command from the commands menu.
Dialog Controls

The Estimate Details Dialog enables you to view values for the estimate, technique used, and comments. None of the displayed values can be edited.

Value Control: enables you to view the the physical property's estimated value.
Units Control: displays the units of the estimated value.
Technique Control: displays the name of the technique used to generate the current estimate.
Comments Control: displays comments generated by the application during the estimation process.
Tech Notes Button: retrieves and displays any notes associated with the technique used to generate an estimate. These notes are retrieve from the technique's General Notes Section.
Tech Ref Button: retrieves the reference associated with this estimate's technique and opens the reference's associated document.
Example: Viewing an estimate's details
  1. Open the MKS Sample Knowledge Base document. (Open a "working" document or create a copy of a document (see here) if you are just experimenting with this functionality.)
  2. Change to the Chemicals chapter and navigate to the page showing Dimethyl succinate. (See documentation on Navigation Overview for details on navigating chapters and pages.)
  3. Scroll down to the Phase Transition Enthalpies Section.
  4. Select the Compute Estimates command from the Commands menu.
  5. The application will activate the Property Estimation dialog. Press the dialog's Start button. After the dialog has finished estimating physical properties, press the dialog's Save button. The estimate control should now be displaying a new estimate. (See the Estimate Chemical Properties documentation for details on generating estimates.)
  6. Click the left mouse button on the estimate control. The application activates the Estimate Details Dialog.
  7. Press the dialog's Tech Notes button. The application activates the Entity Notes dialog displaying the utilized technique's general notes.
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