Document Version 0321
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0321+)

Occasionally it is necessary to change the format of MKS documents, e.g., knowledge bases, design documents, report documents, etc., to enable new capabilities. While we make every effort to ensure these changes are backwards compatible, i.e., the documents can still be opened by older versions of Cranium and Synapse, sometimes that is not possible.

Synapse 3.0 and Cranium 4.2 use a new document format designated as Document Version 0321. (The value '0321' refers to the application's minimum core version that can open these documents.) Documents in older formats that are opened by Synapse 3.0, Cranium 4.2, or their newer versions, will automatically upgraded to the new document version.

Warning: Make backups when maintaining multiple versions

If you are maintaing both old and new versions of Synapse or Cranium (we always recommend using only the latest version) you must make copies of all your MKS documents before you open them with a version of Synapse or Cranium having a core version greater than 0321.

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