Mixture Design Document
Applicability: Synapse (core versions 0315+)

Designing new mixtures possessing a set of desired physical properties is one Synapse's key capabilities. Synapse enables you to design mixtures both graphically and combinatorially. The functions, constraints, component chemicals and constraints needed to design mixtures, as well as the generated candidates, are stored in Mixture Design Documents.

Example Uses
  • Using a Combinatorial Design to search for additives that will depress DMSO's melting point without significantly changing its solubility parameters.
  • Using a Combinatorial Design to design a liquid mixture of fragrance chemicals and ethanol that give a specified profile of vapor phase compositions.
  • Using a Graphical Design to investigate which pairs of solvents would form an azeotrope without significantly affecting the mixture's overall composition.
Document Chapters

A Mixture Design Document contains five chapters. Each of these chapters can be accessed by clicking on its corresponding tab in the document's Tab Pane.

Chapter Description
Summary Chapter manages title, descriptions and other information about the Mixture Design document
Graphical Design Chapter provides capabilities for designing mixtures graphically and quickly visualizing their satisfaction of design constraints
Combinatorial Design Chapter provides capabilities for specifying component chemicals and design constraints to be used to algorithmically design new mixtures
Mixture Functions Chapter manages the functions used to create design constraints for both graphical and combinatorial designs
References Chapter manages the details of references used through the document
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