Structure Images Export Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0324+)

Cranium and Synapse can export the images of molecular structures in various graphical formats. These images are often useful for pasting into reports or spreadsheets. Because Synapse can often generate hundreds of new molecular structures as the result of a chemical product design, this functionality is particularly useful for reporting design results.

The VBA code used to insert the molecular structure images in the above spreadsheet is given here.

Example: Export molecular structure images
  1. Open a Knowledge Base using either Cranium or Synapse.
  2. Click on the File menu and select the Export Values command.
  3. The application will activate the KB Export Dialog.
  4. Select 'Chemical Structure Images' from the Output File Format list and press the Export button. The Structure Images Export dialog is activated.
    Browse button for entering the name of the export folder location.
    List of chemicals selected whose molecular structure images will be exported.
    Commands for:
    • Select All: select all listed chemicals
    • Select None: select no listed chemicals
    • Detail: shows details, e.g., structure and properties, about the selected chemicals
    • Use Bkmrk: use a bookmard to select chemicals
    • Find: Use the Find Chemical dialog to find a chemical by its name, synonym, chemical formula, etc.
    Control for selecting the color in which the exported structure's atoms will drawn.
    Control for selecting the image format in which the exported images will be saved. Available formats are: bitmap, enhanced metafile, gif, jpeg and png.
    Option button for overwriting existing files having the same name as newly exported structure images.
    Export button
  5. Press the Browse button to select the folder into which the exported structure image files will be written.
  6. Select one or more chemicals from the central list. Use the Use Bkmrk (Use Bookmark), Detail and Find buttons to facilitate your selection.
  7. Click on the Atom Color button, the large blue retangle, to change the atom's color to green.
  8. Select JPEG Format as the Image Format.
  9. Check the Files Option checkbox to overwrite existing files that have the same filename as new files.
  10. Finally press the dialog's Export button. Cranium or Synapse will save each selected chemical's molecular structure in an image file. The output folder will be displayed when the export procedure is complete.
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