Substructure Limits Section
Applicability: Synapse (core versions 0315+)

This section contains one field used to specify limits on the occurrence of substructures in chemical design candidates. This field is often used to specify substructure that cannot be present in chemical candiates because of reactivity or stability concerns. It can also be used to require the presence of certain substructures needed for synthesis reasons.

The substructure limits above state that candidates containing groups 1 through 5:

should be eliminated from consideration and that all candidates must contain group 6:


Clicking the left mouse button on the field's table activates the Data Edit dialog. (See documentation on the Substructure Limits Dialog for editing details.)

Clicking the right mouse button on the field's table displays the command menu.

The menu's commands enable you to copy, cut and paste values to and from the table control. See Common Menu Commands for documentation on these commands commonly found on command menus. See below for documentation on this field's specific menu commands.

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