Mixture Design Categories Section
Applicability: Synapse (core versions 0315+)

Synapse uses the concept of "design categories" to design mixtures. The Design Categories Section is used to specify these categories.

The entered design categories initialize the number of components all candidates will have. For example, an aircraft anti-icing fluid design specified the following six design categories. (An aircraft anti-icing fluid is a fluid that is sprayed on aircraft surfaces in winter to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice. See USA Patent 07270767 for additional background information.)

Category Function
Water For product volume and to reduce flash point and environmental impact.
Depressant Combined with water to produce a liquid having a low freezing point.
Surfactant Ensures the fluid completely wets aircraft surfaces.
Thickener Produces a shear-thinning viscosity sufficient to prevent drainage from aircraft surfaces.
Inhibitor Prevents the corrision of metals by water and salts.
Dye Colors the product for easy identification.

Once you enter the design categories, you will then use the other sections in the current mixture design to specify the chemicals contained within each category (see documentation on Category Chemicals Section) and the range of concentrations each category can have (see documentation on Category Concentration Limits Section).

For example, given a set of design categories, component chemicals and conentration limits, Synapse could generate the following candidates.

Category Candidate 001 Candidate 002 Candidate 003
Water Water 46.5% Water 37.8% Water 27.1%
Depressant 1,2-PG 50.0% 1,2 PG 60.0% DPG 70.0%
Surfactant PEG12a 1.5% BR40a 1.0% TG10 1.0%
Thickener Welan 1.5% XNG 0.5% XNG 1.0%
Inhibitor TT 0.4% TT 0.6% TT 0.8%
Dye SG10 0.1% SG33 0.1% SG45 0.1%

Each candidate consists of six components having a specific concentration. One component and one concentration for each design category.

Design Categories Field

The Design Categories Section contains one large field - the Design Categories field. You use the Design Categories field to specify the categories that will be uses in your mixture design. Design Categories must be entered before you can enter further design details.

Clicking the left mouse button on the field's table control activates the edit dialog. (See documentation on the Design Categories Dialog for editing details.)

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