Bookmarks Section
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

A Bookmark is a name-type pair. Some example bookmarks are {Acetone, Chemical}, {Acetone + Water, Mixture} and {Budavari (1996), Reference}. Bookmarks are used throughout Cranium and Synapse for navigation, selection, and general organization.

The Bookmark Chapter's Bookmarked Entities Section contains the Bookmark entity's list of bookmarks.

Editing Bookmarks

Clicking the left mouse button on the section's table control activates the Bookmarks dialog. The dialog enables you to view, edit, add, and remove bookmarks. See documentation on the Bookmarks Dialog for details.

Commands Menu

Clicking the right mouse button within the table control displays the field's data commands menu.

The menu's commands enable you to copy, cut and paste values to and from the table control. See Common Menu Commands for documentation on the commands commonly found on command menus. Some of this field's more specific commands are:

  • Edit Data: enables you to view, edit, add, remove, and sort the current list of bookmarks. See Edit Data Dialog for documentation. (Clicking the left mouse button on the table control will also execute this command.)
Example: Manually add a bookmark
  1. Open the MKS Bookmark Examples document. (Open a "working" document or create a copy of a document (see here) if you are just experimenting with this functionality.)
  2. Change to the Boomark Sets chapter and press the Add toolbar button (the large plus sign). Alternatively you can choose the Add New Page command from the Edit menu or use the crtl-a keyboard accelerator. A new, blank Bookmark Sets page will be added to the current document.
    Add Entity Button: adds a new blank page to the current chapter.
  3. Click the left mouse button on the Identifier Pane's edit control. The application activates the Identifier Edit Dialog. Enter the bookmark's name, 'Test Bookmark', and press the Save button. (See documentation on the Identifier Edit Dialog for details on editing entity identifiers.

    The dialog will assign the entered identifier to the current bookmark.

  4. Scroll down to the Bookmarked Entities section and click the left mouse button in the section's data table control. The application activates the Edit Bookmarked Entities dialog.
  5. Click the left mouse button on an empty row and press the Edit button. You can also double-click the left mouse button on a table row to edit the row.
  6. The application activates the Edit Bookmark dialog.
  7. The dialog's Edit Information section contains controls for entering the bookmarked entity's name and entity type. The Browse button is enabled if "Document" is selected as the entity type. The entity type control is a combobox listing all the entity types that can be bookmarked. (See documentation on the Bookmark Dialog for details.)
  8. Enter "Cyclohexylamine" for the the name and select Chemical for the type.
  9. Enter a comment string. Use the Date and Phrase buttons to assist entry. (See the documentation on the Set Phrase dialog for details on setting the comment phrase.)
  10. Press the dialog's OK button. The application will add the entered bookmark to the list of bookmarks in the dialog.
  11. Repeat the previous steps to create another bookmark with the values of {Ethyl acetate, Chemical}.
  12. Finally press the dialog's Save button. The entered bookmark pairs will be stored into the current document.
  13. Open the MKS Sample Knowledge Base document.
  14. Change to the Chemicals chapter and press the Bookmark toolbar button (the large letter B). Alternatively you can choose the Select Bookmark Set command from the Bookmark menu.
    Select Bookmark Set Button: activates the Select Bookmark Set dialog which enables you to assign a bookmark set to the current document.
  15. Select your newly created bookmark from the list of sets and press the dialog's OK button.
  16. The application will assign the bookmark set to the current document. The document will display the name of this assigned bookmark set on the right side of its status pane.
  17. Press the toolbar's Next Bookmark button (the forward arrow preceeded by a small B).
    Next Bookmark Button: changes to the next entity and chapter as specified in the currently selected Bookmark Set.
  18. The chapter will change to the page displaying Cyclohexylamine. Press the button again and the chapter will change to the page displaying Ethyl acetate.
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