Datum-Reference Datum Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

The Datum-Reference Datum Dialog is used by many field's to add or edit dimensionless physical property data values. For example, the two fields in the Optical Properties Section use the dialog for editing refractive index data.

The dialog is also used by the Datum-Reference All Data Dialog to add or edit individual data values.

The dialog is activated by clicking the left mouse button on a field's datum control.
The dialog can also be activated by clicking the right mouse button on a field's datum control and selecting the Edit Data command from the commands menu.
Dialog Controls

The dialog enables you to view and edit the datum's value, reference, and comments. The dialog also provides functionality for changing the case of text values, finding references, and viewing a reference's document.

Value Control: enables you to enter the datum's physical property value.
Value Accuracy Control: enables you to enter the accuracy of the entered physical property value.
Reference Control: the Reference control enables you to enter the identifier of the reference from which you obtained the property's datum value. You can type in a value or use the dropdown list to select a recently entered value. Entering a reference is optional but highly recommended.
List Button: pressing the List button displays the Reference Selection dialog. This dialog enables you to select the identifier of any reference in the current document. (See the All Entities dialog documentation for more details on selecting references.)
Comments Control: the Comments control enables you to enter general information to better describe the entered value. Very often comments document the date of entry, the name of the person who entered the value, or assumptions about the entered value.
Date, Phrase, Set Buttons: these buttons provide standard operations to help you enter comments. Pressing the Date button inserts the current date and time into the comment control. Pressing the Phrase button inserts the stored 'common phrase' into the comment control. Pressing the Set button enables you to change the 'common phrase'. (See documentation on the Set Phrase dialog for details.
Show Ref Button: pressing the Show Ref button will display the document associated with cited reference. The location of this document is stored in the reference's Document Location Section.
Goto Ref Button: pressing the Goto Ref button will close the dialog, change to the References Chapter, and change to the page displaying values for the datum's reference. Note that this button will be disabled if any changes are made to the dialog's values.
Transforming a Datum Value

Occasionally, a datum value found in a reference must be transformed before it can be entered into Cranium or Synapse. For example, you may need to take the reciprocal of volume data to enter density data.

Clicking the right mouse button on the dialog's datum value control activates the commands menu. Placing the mouse on the first command, the Transform Value command, will activate a submenu displaying several transformation commands.

Selecting a transformation command will perform the transformation, enter the transformed value into the datum value control, and (if the Add Comments command is checked) add a comment to the Comments control.

Example: Transforming an entered datum value

Let us assume we have found a reference containing critical compressibility data reported as reciprocal values. For example, the reciprocal of the critical compressibility of 1-octanol is reported to be 3.937.

We first enter all the information for the datum into the Datum-Units-Reference dialog.

We then click the right mouse button in the datum value control, move the mouse over the Transform Value command, and then select the 'Reciprocal: 1/x' command from the commands menu. (Note that there is no need to select the datum value.)

The application will transform the entered value, replace the datum value with the transformed value, and add a comment to the Comments control.

The application replaces the value in the Datum Value control with the transformed value.
The application will add a line to the comment control to document the transformation.
Editing Text Values

The commands menus for text entry controls, e.g., the reference control and the comments control, have commands for inserting symbols and changing case. The commands menu is displayed by clicking the right mouse button on a text entry control.

See documentation for the Symbol Dialog and Changing Case.

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