Graph Document
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

Graph documents provide chapters storing XY and triangular graphs. Both types of graphs are very useful tools for visualizing the relationships between physical properties and state variables.

Example Uses
  • XY graphs comparing estimated values versus data values are very useful for identifying error trends and outliers. Both data and estimates can be easily transferred from knowledge bases to XY graphs.
  • Plotting the values of vapor pressure versus temperature for a homologous series of chemicals can provide good insight into the dependence of the physical property on molecular structure.
  • Plotting isoquant curves for a ternary mixture shows how different formulations can be made that have different compositions but the same physical property value.
Document Chapters

A Graph Document contains four chapters. Each of these chapters can be accessed by clicking on its corresponding tab in the document's Tab Pane.

Chapter Description
Summary Chapter manages title, descriptions and other information about the Graph document
XY Graphs Chapter displays and manages xy data and graph entities
Triangular Graph Chapter displays and manages triangular data and graph entities
References Chapter manages the details of references used through the document
Related Documentation
Topic Description
Creating Graphs dicusses a detailed example of creating a graph of physical property values.
Graph Document the document that contains chapters for both triangular and xy graphs.