Transfer Graph Values Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

Knowledge Base sections often display values in graphical form. The Temperature-Pressure Dependent Section and the Phase Equilibrium Section are two examples.

Although each knowledge base section's field graph provides commands for changing attributes, the XY Graphs and Triangular Graphs found in Graph Documents provide commands for much greater customization.

You can use the Transfer Graph Values Dialog to transfer values from knowledge base field graphs to the graphs found in graph documents.

Dialog Controls

The Transfer Graph Values Dialog provides controls for selecting the desination document, destination graph, curve segment, and other options.

Destination Document Control: the dialog will transfer values to an xy or triangular graph, depending upon the nature of the source values. One or more graph documents must be open before values can be transferred. This control enables you to select which open graph document will be the destination of the transferred values.
XY Graph Control or Triangular Graph Control: enables you to select the destination graph into which the dialog will transfer values. The dialog lists all the applicable graphs, i.e., either xy graphs or triangular graphs, present in the selected destination document.
Curve Segment Name Edit Control: use this control to enter the segment name to be assigned to the transferred values. Although entering a segment name is optional, it is almost always a helpful method for keeping track and manipulating your transferrred values.
Transfer Attributes Option Control: if you check this option, then the attributes of the source graph, e.g., axis limits, label formats, symbol colors, etc., will be copies to the destination graph. Checking this option is often a good choice when transferring values to a newly created graph.
Typical Usage

Clicking the left mouse button on most field graphs activates the Values Details Dialog, e.g, the XY Graph Key Dialog or the Triangular Graph Key Dialog.

For example, clicking the left mouse button on benzene's vapor pressure field graph displayed in the Temperature Dependent Section, activates the Values Details Dialog.

Selecting one or more curve segments and then pressing the dialog's Transfer Button activates the Transfer Graph Values Dialog.

You would then select the designation document, the destination graph, and specify other choices.

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