Update: Triangular Graph Documents are now Graph Documents

Beginning with Synapse 3.0 and Cranium 4.0 (Core Version 317), the functionality of the XY Graph documents and Triangular Graph documents have been combined into a single Graph document with chapters for xy graphs and triangular graphs. Please see the documentation on Graph Documents for details on working with graphs and the documentation on converting graphs for details on how to convert previous version graphs.

Triangular Data Sets Chapter
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315 and 0316)

The Triangular Data Sets chapter is found in Triangular Graph documents. The chapter manages the data displayed in the document's triangular graphs.

Chapter Sections

The chapter's datapane is divided into four sections:

Section Description
Descriptive Information Section contains fields for describing the data set's variables, keywords, units and a general reference for the data set.
Triangular Data Values Section contains one large field for viewing and editing the triangular data that are displayed on triangular graphs. A single data entry consists of an x value, a y value, a z value, a label and a set of segments. (The x, y and z values must total to 100.)
General Notes Section used to store any general notes about the current data set. This field often contains a brief overview of the data entered on the current page.
Associated Documents Section used to store links to any documents associated with the current data set.
Chapter Commands

The Triangular Data Sets Chapter's commands are available from the chapter's Commands menu.

  • Report Data Properties: activates the Report Properties Dialog that enables you to select data set properties and attributes to add to an open Report Document.
Common Commands

The menubar provides numerous other commands for navigation, bookmarking, file operations, units conversion, etc. See the documentation on Common Commands for details.

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