Element Valence Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

The Valence Dialog is used by the Valences field to edit a datum's values, reference, and comment. The entered valences are used to determine bonding in molecular and group structures.

The dialog is activated by clicking the left mouse button on the field's datum control.
The dialog can also be activated by clicking the right mouse button on the field's datum control and selecting the Edit Data command from the commands menu.
Dialog Controls

The dialog enables you to view and edit valence values, a reference, and comments. The dialog also provides functionality for changing the case of text values, finding references, and viewing a reference's document.

Valence Controls: displays and enables editing of the element's valences. There are nine controls enabling you to enter up to nine valences. All valences are entered as unsigned numbers.
Reference Edit Control: enables you to enter the identifier of the reference from which you obtained the valence value. You can type in a value or use the dropdown list to select a recently entered value. Entering a reference is optional but highly recommended.
List References Button: activates the Choose Reference dialog enabling you select one of the references in the current document. (See here for additional documentation.)
Comments Edit Control: displays and enables editing of the comments associated with this value.
Date, Phrase, Set Buttons: these buttons provide standard operations to help you enter comments. Pressing the Date button inserts the current date and time into the comment control. Pressing the Phrase button inserts the stored 'common phrase' into the comment control. Pressing the Set button enables you to change the 'common phrase'. (See documentation on the Set Phrase dialog for details.
Show Ref Button: displays the document assoicated with the cited reference. The cited document must be the identifier of a Reference contained within the current document's Reference Chapter. The document's location is retrieved from the entry in the Document Location Section.
Commands Menus

Clicking the right mouse button on a valence, reference, or comments control activates its commands menu. Documentation for each of the commands on these menus can be found here. See also documentation for the Symbol Dialog and Changing Case.

Tip: Temporarily editing an element's valences

Cranium and Synapse will not allow you to enter a molecular structure whose atoms do not satify each element's valence. Thus, to enter the molecular structure of certain chemicals it may be necessary to change an element's valences. For example, by default xeon has a valence of 0 (zero). To enter xenon hexafluoride (XeF6), it is necessary to add a valence of 6 to xenon. Once you enter xenon hexafluoride's molecular structure, you can, if you wish, remove this added valence. The molecular structure can be fully used even after this valence is removed. However, next time you edit the molecular structure, the application will signal a valence error if you do not again add the appropriate valence.

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